We Accept:

We accept small children's furniture including changing tables, rocking chairs, desks, and tables, etc. NO CRIBS OR BEDS OR LARGE DRESSERS. High End Women's Jeans and Athletic Wear: We are accepting woman's high end athleisure from the following high-end brands: Lululemon, Lorna Jane, Sweaty Betty, Nike, Adidas, Vuori, Athleta, Spanx, Skimms (only taking higher end brands. Please email jeanette@rhealana.com if there is another brand you'd like us to consider.) We are accepting woman's designer jeans with an original retail price of $150 or more.

We Don't Accept:

CRIBS, BEDS, Bedding, pillows, non-themed stuffed animals, crib mattresses, couches, dining room tables, large beds, etc. USED UNDERWEAR. Videos. Personalized books or books that have any writing in them. Breast Pumps. Women or Men's clothing. If you have any questions we’ll be happy to help! Contact Jeanette at jeanette@rhealana.com.