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VIP Consigning

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We do the work - You earn the perks! Earn 30% of sales and a pass to shop early. A VIP Processor preps and enters all of your items for you!

(The VIP Consignor request deadline is three weeks before Consignor Check-In, unless our VIP slots are all full. All items must be received two weeks before Consignor Check-In.)

Consignor Guide - BRAND NEW RESOURCE!!

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Pre-Labeling Option #1: We'll Mail Your Barcodes! Click HERE

Use this link to have your barcodes mailed right to your home! Complete this form and your barcodes will be mailed straight to you for only $4!

Requests to have your barcodes mailed must be made by midnight on Feb. 18th. Barcodes will not be mailed after this date.

Pre-Labeling Option #2: Early Barcode Porch Pick Up

Murrieta, Menifee &Temecula Locations. Fill out the link to request pick up of your barcodes. Barcodes will be placed out for porch pick up the following day. You can come any time to pick them up. String Tags and Safety pins also available for purchase at these locations.

Consignor Check-In Option #1 - In Store Appointments

No more waiting in line! Choose your appointment time. Appointments required.

Consignor Check-In Option #2 - Curbside

To participate in this service your items must be pre-labeled. We charge a small $10 fee for our Rhea Lana’s Team to put your items out on the sales floor for you saving you time! Click the link for more details.

Consignor-Only Text Messages

We send Consignors helpful, detailed emails, so be sure and check your junk/spam folders. And, we are now offering straight-to-your-phone text reminders! Sign up to receive the following Consignor reminders via Text Message: Consignor Deadline Check-In Days Restock Pre-Sale Shopping Payday

Consignor Referrals

Complete this form to receive your bonus if you have referred any friends to consign.

Refer 1 friend = Earn 5% more of total sales
Refer 2 friends = Earn 10% more of total sales
Refer 3 friends = Earn 15% more of total sales

Form must be filled out and submitted before Pre-Sale.

Consignor Club Facebook Group

Join our exclusive Consignor Club on Facebook for helpful resources, a place to ask questions, etc.



Consignor Supplies Available for Porch Pick-Up

Porch Pick-Up, you can come and grab supplies anytime. Please use venmo or leave exact change.

Menifee: 29716 Lamprey St.
Murrieta: 39748 Mount Blanc Ave.
Temecula: 31376 Chemin Chevalier

Marketing Day!

Help us spread the word about our sale and get a Gold Ticket!

How To Print Your Labels at Home

If you would like to print your barcodes at home you will need adhesive address labels size 1 x 2-5/8 Inch (30 up). We recommend ordering from Amazon Here. Please note: all labels printed at home MUST be printed in color.

String Tags - Purchase from Amazon here

You will need White Marking Tags Strung,1 3/4 x 1 3/32, on every item. Please put these on your items BEFORE drop off. Printed barcoded labels get put on these.

Barcode Pick Up at the Store

You can come early to pick up your labels. No need to make an appointment. Just show up anytime during our Consignor check-in times.