Consignor Fee - $12 - This is a one time, per event consignor fee. This is taken out of your consignor check at the end of the event.

Consignor Drop-Off Appointments

You can now enjoy the benefit of scheduling your drop off time. Each season we will post a link to a sign up page for you to schedule a time to drop off your consigned items. Please plan to arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled time. Expect 45-60 minutes per 100 items. When you arrive to Consignor Drop off on your scheduled time, we will assign you to a table where your items will be checked for quality. Once they have been checked, you will place your items out on our prearranged and organized store. Once all of your items have been set out, you will check out where you will receive your EARLY shopping pass and other pertinent consignor information. Speed up your drop off time by labeling your items at home! Please see Early Barcode Pick-Up!


In order to allow as many people as possible to participate in our event, each consignor can bring 250 items total. No limits on other items.


Please bring your very best items! We will only be accepting 250 items per consignor code. If you are bringing mainly newborn to 24 month sizes, be sure to bundle and only bring your best as these sizes are in abundance!

Breast Pumps Must Be BRAND NEW

The safety of the children in our community comes first. After much consideration, we have decided to no longer sell any type of breast pump or breast pump accessories UNLESS THEY ARE BRAND NEW. We will continue to accept the associated bottles used for milk storage and milk storage supplies.

Crib Bumpers & Quilts

Used crib bumpers and anything with batting in it is illegal to sell in California. We will not be able to accept an item used for sleeping that has batting in it. We will continue to accept crib sheets, blankies and bedding (without batting) for babies, toddlers and big kid beds. We will accept BRAND NEW items with batting.

Crib Mattresses

In our ongoing effort to provide the best and safest items to our shoppers we will NO LONGER ACCEPT used crib mattresses. We will still accept cribs (see guidelines for cribs below) and toddler beds.


Because of our high regard for the safety of children and in light of the recent ruling by the CPSC, Rhea Lana's Inc. will NOT accept any cribs manufactured before Dec 31, 2010. For cribs manufactured between Dec 31, 2010, and June 28, 2011, we can accept them if they have a certificate of compliance and have not been recalled. For cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011, we can accept them if they have not been recalled.

Continuing This Sale

You can set your own prices and choose if you want items to sell for 1/2 price at the end of the sale. You can also choose to donate your unsold items to the Fox Valley charities/ministries we partner with!

You will prepare your items and receive 60% for your work!

Our on-line pricing system is very easy to use. The best part is you can do this work from the comfort of your home.

We will spread the word!

You will see our name a lot around your neighborhoods and in the community. We will be inviting others to shop and buy your items. We will have MANY moms-to-be who come as our guests and want to buy your wonderful baby equipment your family has outgrown. You won't have to organize a garage sale or ship your items to buyers, you can bring it to us and we'll be ready to help you sell your items for a great price.

We guarantee your items.

If an item is lost or stolen we will pay you for it just as if it sold. We are organized and careful with your things during the week you leave them with us. We will take care of your things like they are our own. The only exception to this is if you label your items at home and do not bring them in order. LOSS is very low at Rhea Lana's. You can trust us and our careful accounting system with your items. If your item has several parts, please attach them securely to the hanger and to each other. If one piece is missing, we will only pay for that one piece, not the entire item.

Payments Accepted:

We will accept cash, credit and debit cards at our sale

You can print your labels at home or pick them up from us and put them on at home!

Talk about easy! You can label your clothes while watching TV in your pajamas! To print your labels at home you MUST have a color printer and follow the directions given. You will need labels that are the right size, and after you do it once it will be so easy! If you enter your items before midnight the day before drop off day you can pick up your barcoded labels at our location and put them on at home before your bring your clothes to the store. If you print your barcodes at home and label your items, in order for them to be guaranteed, you MUST bring them to us in order and have your printed inventory sheet for every batch. If you have questions about this contact Jeanette


String Tags - 1 3/4 in. x 1 3/32 in. These can be purchased at Walmark, Staples or any other office store. String tags are also available for porch pick up or purchase at the store. $2 for a bundle of 100.


If you have high quality, boutique items, we will pick up your items, sort, hang and tag them for you. You will still receive a consignor pass to shop our PreSale. You will receive 35% of your sales. If you refer two like-quality friends, we will give you 40% of your sales and we'll do all the work! Contact ASAP to arrange for pick up.

We love Moms-to-Be! Please be a special guest at our event!

If you or a friend is a mom-to-be by birth or adoption, click on the Shop then Moms to Be link on the right to sign up for a Special Guest Pass. As our gift to you, we will give you a pass to shop before the public at our Pre-Sale. Just register and supply us with your baby's due date.